April 19th-21stJesus Regional in Houston, TX

April 25th-28thPower and Love Los Angeles, CA

April 29th The Edge Church in Baton Rogue, LA at 10am

May 5Partner Breakfast Dallas, TX

May 9-12Presence ’18, Netherlands

May 13-15– Miracle Services. Thessaloniki, Greece.

May 18thUpper RoomConference, Dallas, TX

August 2-337th Annual Southwest Believers’ Convention, Fort Worth, TX

Aug. 25– Partner Breakfast. Lake Mary, FL

Sept. 6-8– Jesus Regional. Dallas, TX

Sept. 19th-22ndCompassion to Action: Portland 2018, Portland, Oregon

Nov. 17Pursuit Conference, Medicine hat, Alberta, Canada

Nov. 19–Miracle Service. Alberta, Canada.

Dec. 12-15Jesus ’18– Orlando, FL