Churches built in the presence of Jesus

The Pastors Fellowship is our way of gathering and supporting a community of pastors and leaders focused on building churches around the presence of Jesus.

We would love to invite you to join us as we support you and your staff with topics like training and equipping your team in the presence of the Lord and how to build a presence-driven church. It would be our honor to serve and support you. 

Pastors Fellowship Membership

What is included in this fellowship:

Monthly Zoom Schedule

Topics we will be covering with Jesus Image Team:

Church Community & Connection Process

Kids Ministry 

Services Hosting the Presence 

Presence Driven Youth Ministry 

Jesus School 

Culture of Worship

Creating a Culture of Honor

Outreach and Evangelism

Spirit-led Production and Media Teams

Maintaining a Healthy Family in Ministry

Serve Team Culture

Culture of Excellence

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subscription options

Average Attendance

Under 200

$100/mo or $1,000/yr

Average Attendance


$150/mo or $1,500/yr

Average Attendance


$200/mo or $2,000/yr

Average Attendance


$250/mo or $2,500/yr

If you have any questions about the Pastors Fellowship please email