1What hotels do you you recommend?
We are still finalizing the hotel details. We are hoping to have an update by the end of March. Check back soon!



1Will there be childcare?
No, at this time we do not offer childcare.
2Are children able to come?
Yes, we love having children with us. We recommend sitting on an aisle near an exit in case you need to step out.
3Is there a children's rate?
Children under 2-years old that will be sitting in a parents lap are free and do not need to be registered. Those over 2 years old or needing their own seat will need to have full registration.



1Is there special seating I can purchase?
No, we only have general admission available.
2Do you have special seating for pastors?



1Am I able to get a refund?
No, we have a strict no-refund policy.
2Can I transfer or donate my ticket?
- Yes. To transfer, go to your confirmation email, under Order Summary select View & Manage, then edit the contact info.
- To donate, notify us by email at
3Do you offer Day/Night passes (partial registration)
At this time no, we are only able to offer full registration.



1What is the speaking schedule?
The speaking schedule is not released prior to the event for security reasons and possible changes. While these are the logistical reasons, our primary goal is to minister directly to the heart of Jesus. We want our focus to remain on Him and as we gather together we want it to be just for Him. While we love our speakers and fully believe we have the best possible line up from around the world, we want Jesus to be the one and only subject.
2When do the doors open?
Doors open 1 hour prior to each service.



1Can I volunteer?
You can register to be a volunteer by going to our website and clicking the Register Now button.
2Is there a minimum age to volunteer?
Yes, for insurance reasons we can only allow individuals 18 and older to volunteer with us.



1Is translation available?
Unfortunately, translation for our events is not available at this time.


Registration / Edit Ticket Information

1Can I edit or transfer my ticket to someone else?
- Yes. To edit or transfer, go to your confirmation email, at the bottom, under Order Summary select View & Manage, then edit the contact info. - If you would like to donate your ticket, notify us by email at
2How do I register?
You can register by going to and clicking the register now button.



1How can I give to Jesus Image?
You can visit

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