General Information

1What is the school’s schedule?
School begins the last week of August and goes through May. The weekly class schedule and this year’s holiday schedule can be found on the website under Schedule
2Where is the school located?
The school is located in Apopka, Florida
3As a student will I be able to meet with Michael and Jessica personally?
While Michael and Jessica would love to be able to personally meet with each student that attends, due to time constraints with their family, many responsibilities, and desire to stay faithful to God and focused on the Lord’s call for their life, they are not able to meet individually with students. When they are not speaking at the school or other events, they focus their time on their family. Fortunately, we have a wonderful staff with weekly availability to encourage you and strengthen you in your walk with the Lord.



1How much is the application fee?
The application fee is $50
2What do I need to apply?
Application requirements can be found here.
3Does the school accept international students?
At this time, we can not accept international students, but we are hoping to change that in the future.
4Are student loans or financial aid available?
Because Jesus School is non-accredited, students raise their finances by either working before coming to school or having friends, family, church members or churches support them. We believe that God is more than able to provide the resources for you to attend. Seek Him about your interest in Jesus School and believe that He is directing your steps and can provide the resources necessary to attend.



1Where should I live?
All students are required to find their own housing. Helpful information can be found here



1Can I visit and sit in on the classes?
You are welcome to visit one day per year for a rate of $25. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of our classes there are limited visiting times. Please email to request a visit.

Contact Us:

Ph: 407-878-7421